What is a Vacuum Sieve?

A vacuum sieve is loaded without the need of an operator lifting any product bags. The material is vacuumed inline and enters the sieve which is a sealed hygienic unit.

What is a Bag Tip Sieve?

Traditionally a sieve is used to screen particle sizes during a material handling process.

The sieve mesh can be easy and quickly changed for a multitude of sizes, from 50mm check sieving down to micron level screening.

What Type of Sieve do I Need?

Dixon Purefill offer a range of vibratory sieves to fit a multitude of systems. The main 2 options are Vacuum sieving and manually loaded sieving.

Why Choose a Dixon Purefill Vacuum Sieve?

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Advantages of Sieve Systems:

  • Dust Free Transfer

  • Easy Clean

  • FDA Approved Parts

  • Stainless Steel 316

  • Little to No Floor Space

  • Automated Controls

  • Almost Zero Maintenance

System Options:

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