What is a Vacuum weighing System?

Vacuum Weighing/Dosing systems measure the incoming material flow. The system can be set to convey a certain amount of material or just control the feed rate. This gives you a vacuum conveyor with fine dosing functionality that gives high accuracy.

Vacuum Conveying systems with weighing and dosing function are designed to incorporate a wide range of products, with many options and customisation for an individual application.

They work gravimetrically with the vacuum conveyor mounted on a custom design framework. The system is completely isolate from external forces and loads.

The filling weight is consistently measured throughout the loading and unloading cycle.

Why Choose a Dixon Purefill Vacuum Weighing Conveyor?

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Advantages of Vacuum Conveying:

  • Dust Free Transfer

  • Easy Clean

  • FDA Approved Parts

  • Stainless Steel 316

  • Little to No Floor Space

  • Automated Controls

  • Almost Zero Maintenance

System Options:

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