Why Dixon Purefill?

We have a process solution for you !

For almost 30 years we have covered all areas of powder handling, working with end users to establish solutions for bespoke manufacturing processes. As leading experts in the field, we provide tried and tested systems that are easy clean and maintenance free.

Certified food/pharmaceutical Products !

We provide full certification of all equipment, to comply with audit procedures, as well as design, installation and operation qualifications where required. We commit to strict working practices, guaranteeing a high level of quality throughout the build of your machine. You can also rest assured that all our machines are manufactured in compliance with FDA and EC regulations and the majority are ATEX approved as standard.

ATEX Explosion Risk Prevention in factory’s !

When powders and bulk materials are conveyed or loaded inside hazardous areas, special aspects have to be considered to avoid electric discharges caused by the electrostatically charged product. Dixon Purefill offer specific  and safe best practice solutions and Vacuum Conveying systems for such applications.

  • No moving or electrical parts
  • Does not generate heat
  • Conductive design
  • Simple safe controls

Dixon Purefill offer bespoke systems with inert gas purging for applications, where solvents or flammable atmospheres occur.